Thursday, March 5, 2009

ice cream cake: the tutorial

Ice cream cakes are hard to make, I discovered this when my friend Ashley made one and I watched her frustration as it melted and got all wonky and didn't stay frozen. This made me want to make my own ice cream cake, and it also helped me be prepared for all of the wonky crap I might have to deal with. I made this cake for my friend Jess's birthday and I wanted to post all the cool pictures I took to help you the reader, make your own perfect un-wonky ice cream cakes! I promise to post a cake recipe soon but until then I recommend you pick up "vegan cupcakes take over the world" which is where I get all my cake recipes from.

I used a spring form pan for the ice cream, this makes it easier to pop the ice cream out in one piece without it breaking in half of getting all melty. I coated the bottom in wax paper and actually clamped it in there so the sides wouldn't be all wrinkly ice cream looking.

Use two pints of your favorite vegan ice cream, Jess likes strawberry so I used the only strawberry ice cream I could find. You would think strawberry ice cream would be a staple in vegan ice cream world since it is so important in non vegan ice cream world but no, I never see it anywhere. Its kinda effed up.

Mash that shit down and put wax paper on it and squish it all flat through the wax paper with your fingers so it hits the sides and you know is as flat as possible. Put it in the freezer! This needs to freeze overnight for maximum strong cake mode.

Now that that's out of the way you have time to make the cake!! Dig up your favorite cake recipe and bake it, then put it in the freezer for a few hours to make sure that its cool!! Make sure the cake is completely cold before trying to combine it with the ice cream layer because a warm cake will make the ice cream melt!

I separated my cakes with a layer of wax paper for maximum freezer storage. Don't stack them without a dividing layer cause they will get stuck together. Use some plastic wrap or wax paper, aluminum will stick to the frozen cake and so will paper. Don't be a dummy!! SCIENCE!!

Ice cream layer!!!!

GIANT ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!! (if you hate frosting eat it like this!! ) This is the part where you freak out and panic and try to rush! OH GOD HURRY FROST IT BEFORE IT MELTS!!

Strawberry butter cream frosting! I made this with real strawberries, that pink is all natural. I would post the recipe but unfortunately its not a stable frosting in non ice cream cake situations and gets all separatey and I don't want to do that to you guys, it was hard to deal with it. Also it was a disgusting mess when it got warm!!

I cut up strawberries and put them on top, oohh la la only the best for my Jess. She was stoked. Life is beautiful, and so is this ice cream cake. BOO YAH! Okay now you make one and send me pictures (and save me a piece!!)