Tuesday, February 16, 2010

peanut buttah cups!

This is a super simple recipe for one of my favorite candies of all time! I made these for valentines day for my special someone in a heart shaped silicone ice cube tray, but you can make them in whatever you want, I recommend the little paper baking cups to get a more traditional feel!

you will need: double boiler or something similar, you need to melt the chocolate slowly so it doesn't burn! the microwave won't cut it dummy!
paper or foil baking cups, any size you want.
a heat proof rubber spatula to mix up your chocolate
a small spoon to ensure chocolate gets in all the right places
an electric mixer would be super swell but you can use arm power too!

one 12 oz bag chocolate chips
1c creamy peanut butter (i like skippy)
1c confectioners sugar


pour chocolate chips into double boiler and let them melt, stir it up every couple of minutes to make sure they melt evenly.

in a medium bowl combine peanut butter and powdered sugar until well mixed! I use a hand mixer but I'm sure your arm will do just fine. This will be super thick and clumpy!

set out your little baking cups so they are ready to go, the yield of this recipe is very dependent on how thick you make your chocolate. Line the bottom and sides of the baking cups put in the freezer to harden, this will make it so when you put the peanut butter in it doesn't escape the chocolate later! That sneaky peanut butter is always trying to escape! that little goober rascal!

once your cups are hardened slightly pull them out and put a dollop of peanut butter in each one, then use the rest of your melted chocolate to cover the tops and place in freezer again to harden. After a few minute these babies will be ready to go and making your roommates mouth water! These are so easy even non vegans might be swayed from ever buying them in the store again! (a girl can dream!)

If you make these in silicone ice cube trays to get cool holiday shapes make sure you freeze them a little longer cause those buggers are a hassle to get out and will break if the chocolate is not thick enough or cold enough!